Monday, 18 November 2013

Can of worms... And I've opened it...

"It's not easy being a rebel..."

So, ever since I discovered the healing, soothing, therapeutic and moving but most of all FUN qualities that music can bring us I have been actively involved in the musicbusiness.

Had some education and sported many jobs in the musicindustry but most of my time I spent on buying, listening and scrutinizing what modern music is and what makes it that you feel special when you hear it.

I made this blog some 10 years ago, not literally in this spot here on but various versions of this page have been around on the more underground virtual networks of yesteryear in Cyberspace. I've shared opinions, insight, and examples. Simply because I was worried and dissatisfied with what most of the big recordcompanies wanted to sell me. And you.

One of those examples was the 'Death Magnetic' album by Metallica.

It wasn't that difficult to improve the sound in comparison to what Universal Music sells us. When you were one of those 100,000's of dedicated Metallica fans or simply a lover of all things metal, music, what have you, it wasn't that difficult to hear that the album from 2008 was seriously flawed or damaged. And today, it still is. There have not been a re-release put out officially to replace the original initial release.

Metallica - 'Death Magnetic' (2010 Optimum Headroom Remaster) (DR12) (promo sampler)

With my 6 track sampler on YouTube I just wanted to point out that it could've been different. It could've sounded lovely and exciting. Just as much as Metallica's last decent sounding album from 1991 'The Black Album'. It could have. But sadly it didn't.

Now, I don't like Piracy. I do respect copyrights and I just don't steal music, nor do I want to gain anything from passing music on to the next guy. Especially no money...
Now, here the sad part of this all.
See if you can follow me here...

What does this screenshot above tell you? What do you see?
Okay, you see my example of how 'Death Magnetic' could've sounded and that 1,279 people played this video. What else do you see? On the right panel you see a #featured video pointed out by Google's YouTube. What is that video? Well, I could tell you but it'll be so much more valuable if you went there and find out for yourself. Question from me to you, do you see any #legitimate Universal Music videos there? And are they featured?

So, not all is well in the music industry. I personally respect all involved and so I actively contribute and participate, and for this video I took quite a chance since YouTube could freeze my videos, take my account down and strike me with a court case if they wanted to. But oddly enough, they don't. Quite the opposite, they ask me if I want to make money off of my account. (Which I don't, at least not in this setting, it's educational in nature and for all to experience for free in my opinion.)

After almost two months, today YouTube replied to my copyright notice appeal. Which in short means that I have been communicating with Universal Music and YouTube about the question, "Do I have the right to share this self-produced video of mine, including 6 tracks of the pre-masters of Metallica's album?"
They did not answer, they replied today with another question, (while still streaming the video btw) do I want to take this to the court? Do I want to fight for my freedom of sharing an opinion and my example of how bad some products are today soundwise and how it could be?

So, the question for me is, should I take the video down?
Let it all be, move on and mind my own business, pay for my music as I always have when I want some music, yet not liking how it sounds very often? Pay even more than the retail price for a #vinyl version of the album, taking chances because those also do not always sound better than their MP3 or CD counterparts?

Or should I go for the appeal and give them all I've got in arguments and proof and energy, with the nasty risk of having ALL my google connected websites taken down, maybe even a penalty fine to pay...

What to do, what to do...

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