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Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - Marching Out
(German first pressing)(24 bit RX MBit Remaster 2009)

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Marching Out Cover Art

Studio album by Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Released - 1985
Genre - Neo-classical metal, power metal

Length - 45:03
Label - Polydor

Producer - Yngwie J. Malmsteen

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Alternate Cover

Marching Out is an album by Yngwie J. Malmsteen which was released in 1985.

Rising Force is a Yngwie J. Malmsteen project as well as his debut solo album released in 1984. It is also the title of a song on Malmsteen's album Odyssey. Rising Force is credited as the beginning of Malmsteen's significant development of Neo-Classical metal in the 1980s.

Yngwie Johann Malmsteen (pronounced ING-vay MAALM-steen in English) (born Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck on June 30, 1963) is a Swedish guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader. Malmsteen became notable in the mid-1980s for his technical fluency and neo-classical metal compositions, often incorporating high speed picking with harmonic minor scales, diminished scales and sweep picked arpeggios. Four of his albums, from 1984 to 1988, Rising Force, Marching Out, Trilogy, and Odyssey, ranked in the top 100 for sales.[1]
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Track listing

# Title Lyrics Music Length

1. "Prelude" (instrumental) Yngwie Malmsteen 1:00
2. "I'll See the Light, Tonight" Jeff Scott Soto, Malmsteen Malmsteen 4:24
3. "Don't Let It End" Soto, Malmsteen Malmsteen 4:07
4. "Disciples of Hell" Malmsteen Malmsteen 5:53
5. "I Am a Viking" Malmsteen Malmsteen 5:58
6. "Overture 1383" (instrumental) Malmsteen 2:59
7. "Anguish and Fear" Malmsteen Malmsteen 3:47
8. "On the Run Again" Soto Malmsteen 3:22
9. "Soldier without Faith" Malmsteen Malmsteen 6:08
10. "Caught in the Middle" Soto, Malmsteen Malmsteen 4:17
11. "Marching Out" (instrumental) Malmsteen 3:08

• Yngwie J. Malmsteen: All Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Background Vocals, Moog Guitar Pedals
• Jens Johansson: Keyboards
• Anders Johansson: Drums
• Marcel Jacob: Bass
• Jeff Scott Soto: Vocals


Notes on this release:

New vinyltransfer using the original first West German Polydor/Phonogram pressing.

This release is the best sounding version I’ve ever owned. I also have owned the US first pressing (too wobbly and too noisy) and have at least three different CD-pressings of which the first German pressing is the best sounding in my opinion. Oddly enough it is the (old) Japanese pressings that completely suck audibly. There where the original sounds a tad too bright, specially on the opener, the Japanese did sound pretty muddy and were lacking any brightness mostly. I’m quite sure that the way you’ll hear it in this version is how Yngwie has intended it to sound back in the day. I’ve sold the US vinyl some years ago due to bankrupty and although I wasn’t fond of it’s vinyl quality the cover art was the best of all versions (as pictured "alternate cover").

Because of the use of high quality vinyl and high standards in quality control procedures vinylpressing from the Phonogram group of companies in the 1980s were top-notch. The only point of criteria could be that the vinyls could have been a tad thicker. Because of this they were prone to static load. But if you knew how to deal with that there was no problem with that.

Quality of record is simply pristine. It has been barely played before this rip because when I bought my albums back in the day I usually made a copy to a Nakamichi tapedeck (truly miss that beast some days!) and played that.

My transfers are straight rips and I never use any EQ - NR - or level changes on my rips - unless otherwise noted –

This has been a request from Mallwalker - Hope it was worth the wait for you!


EddylitE - december 2009

* ClickRepair was not used on this transfer – manually declicked)
SoX SRC plugin for Sample Rate Conversion was also not used on this transfer
Up until this transfer (september 2009) I was manually declicking and used iTunes 7's native SRC. Just a short time after I found out SoX does a much better job. Maybe one day I'll do a rerip, although this one sounds pretty darn great already.

©2009 - Hipper than Hell Records * Eddy_litE appears courtesy of himself * You have been Aped

"The music in these files was originally recorded on analog equipment.
We have attempted to preserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording.
Because of it's high resolution, however, these files can reveal limitations of the source."

Turn Me Up!™

To preserve the excitement, emotion and dynamics of the original performances this record is intentionally quieter than some. For full enjoyment simply Turn Me Up! (


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  2. That must have been quite the experience! Hold on to that ticket those are priceless. I have a box full of most concerts I attended. Seen Yngwie once too. Sadly never with Jeff Scott Soto. He's my main man and without him there was no Rising Force in my opinion. Sold album 3 and 4 without much regrets. P.S. You were darn quick! I was still doing some touching up... :)

  3. Worth the wait, yes, this is all I hoped it would be.
    Thanx a million Eddy

    I also think the .de CD sounds better than muddy .jp one; however, just a few days ago a demon asked me to seed my torrent over there -- apparently he likes the P33P best.
    As always, it's great to have choices!

    This rip will become the version I'll listen to most often, unless I get the itch to spin my US vinyl for nostalgia. Even then, your DL-160 outshines any of my carts.
    Keep up the great work!

    Did you know there's two versions of the 'alternate' cover?
    The other one has "Marching Out" in a different font with 'trails' behind it:

  4. Great to read that my friend! I can see why some would prefer the P33P pressing. It has the most bass of all, some want to hear that no matter how unrealistic the soundscape may sound. Yep, anyone should have that choice!

    I thought I saw something different about that pic above! My memory isn't as jaded as I thought it might have been after all those years of headbanging! :P

    Thanks for sharing your enthousiasm, greatly appreciated! Have a great one! Later...

  5. "I am a Viking" is easily one of Yngwie's best tunes and may be my favorite. Soldier Without Faith also kicks total ass. Great record.

  6. Thanks again Eddy. It's about time I revisit this album which i haven't listened to in years! A mate introduced me to Yngwie with this very album many moons ago. So he's gonna be well pleased with this one. Sounds great by the way. Now that I'm getting back into to Yngwie I'll have to download PB's post at his blog!

    I see you got MSG's Assault Attack in your "To Do" list. My brother will be well pleased with that one. He was wondering if I had a copy recently & I couldn't find a decent copy anywhere! He actually bought an original vinyl copy of this when it was first released & lost it a few years back! From what I remember it had some great tracks.

    Have a great new year Eddy & look forward to more quality vinyl posts in the new decade (Man! am I really heading into my 6th decade '67>2009, Scary!)

  7. Hahaha join the club - I'm from 68! :P

    The Assault Attack is done as are all the others. It's just that I haven't gotten the time yet to post them. Next week is a good indication however. And some great trax?! Are you kidding me?! :)

    Have a great year's transition too my friend!
    Later, I'm heading off to the party right now... Whoohoow 41 years and rocking like I'm 14!!! :)

  8. Wow just when I had lost all hopes to enjoy this album in the modern age you upload this. That '07 Japanese Remaster WAS muddy. Downloading part 2 of the rar now. Hopefully it's clearwater!