Thursday, 26 November 2015

Within Temptation, Dynamic Range shoot out. What sounds more alive?

Hell-o dear readers, dear listeners.

Hate squashed (pop)music too?
What I mean with "squashed" music?
Music that sounds all the same from the moment you put it on, till the moment your ears are ringing or you lost interest.
It is usually not that the music is bad, nor that the band didn't record well that's the problem.
It's the music industry that makes THEIR music sounds the LOUDEST over anyone else's.
THAT is making all the music sound all the same these days.



WITHIN TEMPTATION - 2004 - The Silent Force Album
Official Dynamic Range Values:

Sadly, the average of Within Tempation's music on CD has about 6dBFs Dynamic Range.
This means a very tiny margin between the average sound pressure and the explosions, orchestras, choirs, and what have you not that makes Within Temptation this spectacle to attend in concert, right?
Why can't their music on CD or radio sound like that you ask?
It can, but Sony BMG won't let Sharon and her men make that decision...

Hell, that's 2015 for you.
Sadly even moreso, you (as in artist or band) CAN sound BIGGER if you let your loyal fans and music buying audience decide how loud their music goes... Simply by mastering it sanely...


Published on Nov 25, 2015 by Eddy Lite  
WITHIN TEMPTATION Stand My Ground (2015 XDR Remix/Master by D.J. Eddy_litE for hoerejong MultiMediaDesign, The Netherlands)
(c) 2004 Within Temptation, Sony BMG, The Netherlands
(p) 2015 Hipper Than Hell Records

Although I consider these beautiful dudes & dudette friends I bet Sony BMG is NOT going to like this. And they're probably (partly) right. Although reworked, COPYRIGHTS still DO exist in these recordings. This is NOT piracy, this IS rebellion.
By the fans for the fans...


  1. Yes, there has been a big orchestra in this song since 2004!
    You just didn't hear because EVERYTHING was ALL LOUD as HELL.

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