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PLASMATICS 'The Human Race Nailed to a Cross' 2015 XDR PROMO released

2 Bee released on Wendy O' Williams' birthday 2016, only on Hipper Than Hell Records. The complete 'Beyond the Valley of 1984' trilogy, remastered in High Definition Pristine Clear Fidelity Phaseshifting Wide Spectaclular Stereo Sound.

~ 'Beyond the Valley of 1984' (1981)(Original Analog Sterling Master by George Marino).
~ 'Metal Priestess' (E.P.)(1981)(Original Remaster by George Marino, Sterling Mastering N.Y.C.)
~ 'The Human Race Nailed to a Cross' (The Initial 'Coup d'Etat' Electric Lady Studios sessions)
(Custom XDR Remaster 2015, by Eddy Lite for Hipper Than Hell Records, Inc. exclusively.)

FLAC 16bit 44,1hz CD redbook quality
MP4 AAC mastered for iTunes compatible lossy

"The Story..."
The Lost Intitial 'Coup d'Etat' recording sessions from Electric Lady Studios including bass worx by Sir Jean Beauvoir & produced by Dan Hartman with Rod Swenson. This was supposed to be the last part of the 'Beyond the Valley of 1984' trilogy. This trilogy project mainly lined out by band designer and mastermind Rod Swenson and input from Wendy Orlean Williams. The 3 records 'holy bible bundle' was started with 'Beyond the Valley of 1984' in 1981 followed by 'Metal Priestess' and should've been masterly rounded up with the third title 'Coup d'Etat'.


'The Human Race Nailed to a Cross' 

2015 PROMO

Sadly Capitol Records owned the Plasmatics asses by 1983, did nothing whatsoever to promote the pressured rerecording of the album with Scorpions soundman deluxe Dieter Dirks & meastro of all that is electronical Michael Wagener. Nothing wrong so far, and the final cut album as Capitol Records, and EMI Special Markets (splendid reissue! damn fine mastering!), released it sounds phenomenal. But the problem was that the two camps didn't go that hand in hand together, the stakes were too high, the stakes were bases on very different backgrounds, the dreams too big and funds too short. Most of it probably ended up in noses. Of Suits. So, project Plasmatics grinded to a halt, and Wendy went on with Gene 'It's My Life!' $immons. One Hell of a party for some, and as a dramatic cast 'Coup d'Etat' turned out to be one Hell of a big financial fiasco. Not in the least for initator Rod Swenson but also Wendy Orlean Williams, Richard 'Richie' Stotts, Jean Beauvoir and so forth and so on... even Joe the Lightning Guy! It all exploded in one big catastrophy with Coup being the last Plasmatics album. Except for the 'hybrid' Maggots album. That one counts too.The follow-up album to the totally flopped 'Coup', the brilliantly stylised 'W.O.W.' from 1983 is in a way a KISS album but also in fact a Plasmatics album. But Capitol wouldn't let the rights to the Plasmatics brand go and alez, in a way they simply killed The Plasmatics.

On this very day, some recordcompanies, some bootleggers and some people that in way sold out the soul of PLASMATICS sell bogus, defected and worthless versions of the Plasmatics's splendid discography. Doing it serious damage, making it nearly unbearable to listen to.
Here to set the story straight, maybe let some people shake some hands, hell, maybe even mine.

Sadly evenmoreso, these recordings are available through, but it all sounds horribly terrible!
Crushed to a pulp. One big sausage of noise. That's not rite!
We made it lite at times again.

Peaks, bottom & love, peace.

Dedicated to Wendy Orlean Williams, Lemmy Kilmister, Sir Jean Beauvoir, Sir Richard Stotts, Wes Beech, George Marino & Sterling Sound (Love your work from before 1995!), Michael Wagener, Sir! and all the Graduates of the Plasmatics School of Wreck & Roll...

Eddy Lite, 2016

2015 XDR FULL Dynamic Range Remaster for hoerejong MultiMedia Design, released on Hipper Than Hell Records & Filmworks.

(c) 1982 Stiff USA ~ Swenson O Williams Media ~
(p) 2015 Hipper Than Hell Records

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