Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Storyteller's Night, with DRAIN Sth, Manhole L.A. & Fear Factory

"Kick my Bassdrum!"

Talking about pleasure, either given or taken, I love drums. Sadly you can't put headphones in them, oh well, you can but what's the point right?! But, I really would like to practice but alas, it's quite an expensive hobby so it's not been in the cards yet.

But I also love to hear and watch drummers and I love drum solos very much too. (Unless the drummer is really, really terrible...)
A very nice bonus is always the joy of hearing and seeing a woman do the banging. Why is it that so few known recognized artists are female I wonder. Why is that?

In 1996 I had the pleasure to attend a tour of the brutal dudes from Fear Factory and they had two support acts. One was Manhole (later better known as Tura Satana and My Ruin with the bad ass sweety Tairrie B. handling the mike.) The second band on the bill was Drain from Stockholm Sweden. Due to confusion because there had been a US band with the same name, the all girl doom rockers were later on stylized as Drain STH.

I had the total pleasure of being invited back stage and I first was invited by the guitar player from Manhole L.A. to come see Tairrie backstage and say hello. It was the cutest thing because when the door to the dressing room opened Tairrie stood there all freshly showered and smelling like roses in her perfectly white bathrobe. After some inspiring and warm words had been shared I asked Tairrie if she wanted to sign my CDs. One was the debut Manhole album and the other her first solo album 'Power of a Woman'. She blushed and she gasped for air or so it seems, whispering "Dude! You got one?! I thought I'd burned them all!" She wrote to me on that legendary album (One of the first true Female Gangsta-Rap albums in history if I remember correctly) that I was 'DJ Eddy Lite, DJ Supreme' and that I was down with the Tairrie right from the start. Awe. (and she was rite!)

After some quality time in the venue Noorderligt in Tilburg, The Netherlands, the bands were eager to go into the city and party. I heard the question where to go and so I proposed to go to the legendary (yes, yes) Extase Café in the historical center of the city. And thus a half hour later Fear Factory and following (yes, yes, is sneer) entered Café Extase. After a few beers I saw Burton C. Bell and Tairrie almost flying hand in hand through the emergency exit door in the back of the part of the Café where the DJ-booth and dancefloor are. Once someone opens this door there is an alarm light (luckily without siren) going off and so the DJ and bouncer rushed and looked what happened and then closed the door behind Tairrie and Burton. Aren't they lovely people, those Tilburgers?! Tairrie and Burton probably made sweet, sweet love that night. I believe they dated for some time too.

Because I spent some money on beers (ofcourse I did!) and because the women and following of the Drain STH clan offered me more I got a little tipsy there. I did find singer Maria Sjöholm a bit scary to look at and she didn't say a word that nite but she married Tony Iommi later on so I guess I was rite and wrong at the same time. Now, ever since I had heard and seen Martina Axén from Drain STH (best all female band ever I MUST add!) drum, I had fallen in love with that gorgeous and mighty talented woman. Intelligent too, because she had me seen smoking one doobie earlier and she said that it mushes your brain. Direct talk, love it! But one or two beers too many, and the unthinkable stupidity came over me and oh, god, there it was... Didn't happen before and it probably will never ever happen again, but I asked Martina to marry me! Right there on the spot. *poof* Mushed brain!

I've talked a few times to Martina on various places in cyberspace after the event and she's been really cool. She moved to the USA and played in some bands there. Not the biggest names but quite lovely music. But, the thing is, although it had been quite idiotic of me to propose to her that way, I did have the best intentions. I wanted Martina to conquer the world and be a big star. I wished her nothing but the best.
I lost track of her some time ago. Where are you miss Axén? And how you're doing, are you happy?

Love and women on top!

Eddy Lite

Oh, you want proof of my story...
Here you go...

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