Friday, 18 December 2009


In the past I have been distributing my work on various BitTorrent-portals. It can be a great community and for years it has been. But in the last year things have been changing and I have been looking for other ways to reach my audience and give them an opportunity to choose for themselves as to how loud they want their music to play.

After months of research and brainstorming I have made a decision, and opened this blogspot. In the coming months I'm going to try to make every past release available here and updates will be posted regularly too. This will mainly be commonly known music, classic albums that I feel deserve a better representation than those versions available in the store today. Next to that there will be out-of-print rarities as well as demo recordings from artists that faded from the scene years ago but made music too damn exciting to be lost in outer space.

Make no mistake about it, I do NOT support illegal downloading. But, if someone already has purchased a particular title and is not satisfied with the way the actual music is represented on the disc, I see no reason why downloading an alternative can't be or even shouldn't be an option. The key to 'supportive' and/or 'fair' downloading/sharing lies within the moral standards of the downloader. If you own a title I'm offering there's no reason to not download my remastered product. If you don't own it then no-one including me can force you to buy it afterwards. But the artists in particular will benefit if you do. See, it's them you hurt the most by downloading music for free without buying any of their products. And since all things circulate, you as the consumer will be hurt as well. Ending up with less and less choices.

In the last decade technology and in particular in this field has been evolving tremendously. Sadly, things have changed negatively too. The before mentioned 'Loudness Wars', and not less acknowledgable, (music)filesharing in an illegal unmoral fashion. Though rights representives have fought this trend, they have not been able to change this landscape. (Not all that is written is all there is, but that's another story). Again, copyright-infringement guardians are not able to get rid of illegal downloading. And the way I see it, they shouldn't have to. We, the audiences and the producing companies can. It's just a matter of giving and making the right choices. I honestly believe that if a (potential) customer has a choice and the product is truly worth it's pricetag, people will buy it. For too long we have been fed products that were too pricey with quality and choice dropping each passing year. Too much money ends up in the wrong pockets and the little competition to the giant multi-nationals is buthered by either them or the unaware and/or ignorent public.

Call me a dreamer but I want that all to change. And I'll devote all my free time to help and make that happen, and with all my pleasure! I have been reading, writing and discussing this subject for years and I know there's a crowd out there that feels just like me. Hundreds already know of my activities and standpoint. I'd like to see that number grow. Not because I'm in need of attention but the subject is! It's great to see that in the last few years more and more people and organisations are sharing my point of view and started similar activities. It only has fed me with more willpower and enthousiasm to take this 'crusade' to the next level.

So, use my services wisely but most of all enjoy! Enjoy life, music and all other things we can share and experience in this 21st century with all of it's technology and possibilities. It's your life and you make it!

Kind Regards,

The litE One

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