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RUSH - Exit... Stage Left
(German pressing using US stampers - Bill Kipper mastered)(24bit MBit RX Remaster 2009)

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Exit...Stage Left Cover Art

Live album by Rush

Released - October 1981
Recorded - June 10-11, 1980 at The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland; March 27, 1981 at The Forum, Montreal
Genre - Progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal
Length - 76:36
Label - Anthem (Canada), Mercury

Producer - Terry Brown

Professional reviews
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Exit...Stage Left is a live album by Canadian band Rush, released in 1981. A video release with the same name, with slightly different content, was released in 1982 on VHS and later on Laserdisc, and in 2007 on DVD.

The album was voted 9th best live album of all time in a poll by Classic Rock Magazine in 2004.[1]

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Track listing
All songs written by Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart, except where noted.
1. "The Spirit of Radio" – 5:11
2. "Red Barchetta" – 6:46
3. "YYZ" (Lee, Peart) – 7:43 (includes a Peart drum solo)
4. "A Passage to Bangkok" – 3:45 *
5. "Closer to the Heart" (Lifeson, Lee, Peart, Peter Talbot) – 3:08
6. "Beneath, Between & Behind" (Lifeson, Peart) – 2:34
7. "Jacob's Ladder" – 8:46
8. "Broon's Bane" (Lifeson) – 1:37
9. "The Trees" – 4:50
10. "Xanadu" – 12:09
11. "Freewill" – 5:31
12. "Tom Sawyer" (Lifeson, Lee, Peart, Pye Dubois) – 4:59
13. "La Villa Strangiato" – 9:37

Tracks 1-3 and 8-13 of the original vinyl were recorded in Canada during the Moving Pictures tour, while tracks 4-7 were recorded in the UK during the Permanent Waves tour.

* The original CD issue did not include "A Passage to Bangkok" due to time constraints, as CDs could only hold 74 minutes at the time. The track did appear on the original LP, 8-track cartridge and cassette issues, and was later included on the remastered CD, when CD times had increased to 80 minutes.

Contributes and Changes
"YYZ" is expanded from 4:30 to 7:00 by an extended Neil Peart drum solo. (* Eddy_litE needs to comment here: “And what a drumsolo! THE drumsolo!!”) In "La Villa Strangiato," the introductory acoustic guitar solo from the original recording is played on electric guitar, and Lee adds a short bass solo near the end of the piece.

• Geddy Lee - bass and rhythm guitars, synthesizers, vocals
• Alex Lifeson - electric and acoustic guitars
• Neil Peart - drums, percussion

Title and cover art
The title is from the signature catchphrase "Exit, stage left!" of the Hanna-Barbera pink mountain lion cartoon character Snagglepuss.
The whole title came from a character in an American cartoon called Snagglepuss.

He's a great little creature, a lion, and every time there's trouble he flees, uttering 'Exit...stage left' or 'Exit...stage right'. But the fact of the matter was that the album cover picture was taken from stage left. And coincidentally that's the direction in which Snagglepuss runs most of the time.
—Geddy Lee, Sounds magazine #66, November 1981

We wanted to have Snagglepuss's tail on there. You know, 'Exit Stage Left', with a picture of just his tail. Forget it! They wanted all kinds of legal hassles and tons of money.
—Neil Peart, Jam! Showbiz, October 16, 1996

An item from each of Rush's previous eight studio album covers can be seen on the cover of this live album. The owl from Fly by Night flies above Apollo, the man in the suit from Hemispheres, who stands next to the woman from Permanent Waves. The puppet king from A Farewell to Kings sits atop a box stenciled with the "Rush" logo from Rush. Next to him is a painting of the Caress of Steel album cover, held by one of the movers from Moving Pictures, with another mover standing behind. Next to this is Dionysus, the nude man from Hemispheres. Behind this scene, the starman from 2112 hangs in the background, next to an "EXIT" sign. This entire foreground scene, shot in Toronto's then-abandoned Winter Garden Theatre, is on the left side of the stage, thus "Exit...Stage Left".

Rush's prior live album, All the World's a Stage, is also duly represented via the cover's background image - a photo of a concert in Buffalo, New York at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. Both album covers show Rush's live setup without anyone on-stage, including their white shag carpet, which they actually stopped using prior to the release of Exit...Stage Left.

Album - Billboard (North America)
Year Chart Position
1981 Billboard's Pop Albums 10

Singles Information
"Tom Sawyer"
• Released:
• Written by: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart & Pye Dubois
• Produced by: Terry Brown
• Chart positions:

"Closer to the Heart"
• Released:
• Written by: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart & Peter Talbot
• Produced by: Terry Brown
• Chart positions: #69 US Hot 100; #7 US Mainstream Rock

Remaster details
A remaster was issued in 1997.
• The tray has a picture of three fingerprints, light blue, pink, and lime green (left to right, mirroring the cover art of Retrospective II) with "The Rush Remasters" printed in all capital letters just to the left. All remasters from Moving Pictures through A Show of Hands are like this.
• Includes the track "A Passage to Bangkok" which was left off the original CD issue due to time constraints.

1. ^ BBC News Entertainment Thin Lizzy top live album poll
Accessed 16 April 2006.

Notes on this release:

New vinyltransfer using the original first German Mercury/Phonogram pressing.
This release is the best sounding version I know exsists. It uses the original US stampers as mastered by Bill Kipper. Though some might prefer the Robert (Bob) Ludwig mastered version, but it is near impossible to find a copy with all sides mastered by him. And all in all, I’m quite fond of the work Bill has done. He’s done many of the pressings that note Bob Ludwig as the mastering engineer, while Bill’s markings are etched in the vinyl. Over the years I came to appreciate Bill’s full bodied, yet well balanced and fine detailed signature. This one simply sounds stunning!

Quality of record is simply pristine. It has been barely played before this rip because when I bought my albums back in the day I usually made a copy to a Nakamichi tapedeck (truly miss that beast some days!) and played that.

My transfers are straight rips and I never use any EQ - NR - or level changes on my rips - unless otherwise noted –


EddylitE - december 2009

©2009 - Hipper than Hell Records * Eddy_litE appears courtesy of himself * You have been Aped

"The music in these files was originally recorded on analog equipment.
We have attempted to preserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording.
Because of it's high resolution, however, these files can reveal limitations of the source."

Turn Me Up!

To preserve the excitement, emotion and dynamics of the original performances this record is intentionally quieter than some. For full enjoyment simply Turn Me Up! (


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  1. Great choice Eddy, Happy to see you set up you're own blog. This album & Permanent Waves were the first two Rush albums I listened to way back in'81. Borrowed them from an older mate. I never looked back, and so began a lifelong affinity with this unique band. Can't wait to hear this but at the time of typing my internet connection is way down!! But rest assured I'll be back to grab this.

    BTW are you planning to do more Trouble? I remember before the Demon went down you had planned to do a couple more..

    Thanks again

  2. Hey dude great to see you again (oh well figuratively speaking)!

    Yeah, I could not communicate with you at the time we were de-demonoidized but I left a comment for you with the Trouble post in hoping you would read it. I finished 'The Skull' and 'Run to the Lite' (:P) a few weeks ago. They're gonna rock your world, I'm sure! ;)

    As with your internet connection, it's heavy weather in western europe, it'll pick up soon I guess! And it's not like there need to be seeders in order to finish your download now...

    I'll say it again, I should've done this much earlier! Fortune comes with mishaps I guess...

    Later man, and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for this one! And congrats on your new blog. Looking forward to a lot of good material I am sure will follow! :)

  4. LMAO! Eddy, you're as ridiculously wordy as I am. Pbthal's opposite in that regard. All the info you provide is very welcome, though! I like having all those extra details!

    Looking forward to grabbing this (probably my favorite of their live albums, with Different Stages a close second), once I'm not in the middle of downloading something else via Rapidshare. Any chance of either torrent or hotfile backups as well? Rapidshare gets pretty slammed.

    Thanks a ton for this, and looking forward to your future rips as well!

  5. Yeah, I'm planning on getting Hotfile as an option too. But since I wanted to make it a worthy visit in the first place that was not my priority. I do know RapidShare can get a pain in the ass though. I have good experiences with Hotfile, so I already made an account there and files are moved possibly later today. But, good thinking, Me like such input! And yep, to say that in the most detailed and highest word score possible too... LOL

    Thanks bro, I'm sure you'll be sharing some more input in the future.

  6. Oh, and Torrenting is probably history for me.

    Ever since D's was closed I looked for alternatives. There's this one private tracker that would probably be suitable as in the involved crowd that's gonna appreciate my work. But one big minus, it's private.

    This project isn't so much about quantity since I tend to be a perfectionistic bugger with a keen eye for detail. It isn't mostly about numbers either, there's not that much that I'm searching for I usually share more than I take. The only usuage for in quantity or numbers is the crowd that I want to make aware of the who and the why and the solution.

    I am glad PBThal is the way he is. His work speaks loud and clear and the absent of (many) words suits him, if he speaks he usually is quick and to the point. If one looks at the amount of rips he is devotedly supplying any day of the week, you can't help but wonder if he is even human... :P

    PBThal is a brand synonymous for quality, I'm glad I got to know him, he was the one that spurred me to start with the ripping again. (and raise the bar!) Oh well, and AnalogisKing (remember him?) and a few others who crossed my path years ago.

  7. Pity about the torrents, as it's easier for me to grab (set and forget), but I understand the hassle on your end not being worth it.

    Pbthal is definitely one of the best and most prolific rippers, IMO. A bit grouchy, but he HAS been pestered a lot, so I guess it's understandable. Bogglor has also done some VERY nice hi-res rips, as has Dr. Moulder. I think I've grabbed some stuff from Kel bazar that I liked. Dr. Robert is one of the nicest guys around, and does some of the cleanest rips I've ever heard, but they wind up kind of 2-dimensional. Aksman has wonderful taste, and his rips have a lot of depth and lusciousness, but they're often noisy as hell. The few rips of yours that I've come across on the green demon were very satisfying, and I look forward to more! Thanks for your efforts!

  8. Yes, all very great people that put a lot of work in their projects. Although not everyone has the same goals or standards or equipment for that matter, all share the love for the sound of vinyl. What I find the most notable about it is that all are interested in one anothers work and supportive to each other.

    There's also good news. I managed to log in at the D today without having to use a proxy-gateway. Everything was slow as my poop in the morning after eating too much bananas but thinks look promising! Looks like they can go up there as well. On the other hand things are going pretty great here for me so I let it run through my mind for a while.

  9. Edyy, would you consuder using MediaFire? Hotfile and Rapidshare both have too many time limitations. Thank you!

  10. PS Sorry for the misspelling Eddy. :)

  11. Hey Eddy, I burned Exit.. this morn' & took it with me for a drive. Got to say it sounds amazing! Geddy's bass really shines, what a bass player (goes without saying!)Keep up the great work & I look forward to future rips. Though with all this quality vinyl around recently I have to keep an eye on my bandwidth allowance!! Gonna give Live Evil a blast tomorrow & i'm sure my intrest in that album will be renewed. Never liked the cd of this album. think I only played it twice!

    Anyway Thanks again & look forward to those Trouble transfers.

  12. @ Jack Mixes
    Sure, i'll check it out. But it could take some time before I have implemented it. I started to use Hotfile since the last post and to up to those two is already taking up quite some time. I'm working on getting an upgrade on my ISP account but it's not the season to make that happen soon. In the next year it'll be surely on top of my list. Oh, and torrents are also under consideration but I need to think that over some more. My time is not unlimited.
    Also try out JDownloader. I've not yet tried it but it's said to minimalize this problem with the lack of free slots.
    And don't worry about the typo. ;)

    @ CozzMick
    Thanks for the kind words again. Glad to know you appreciate the work I put in it to make it shine. Not to say that the vinyl itself had a big hand in that too! One of my most valuable vinyls for sure! Especially 'Tom Sawyer' and 'YYZ' give me the chills. Indeed, that bass! And not to mention the drums! A very underrated album.

    As for your bandwidth, don't worry, these aren't going anywhere! ;)

  13. Thanks Eddy. Yeah, I had to get JDownloader (PBTHAL gave me the same advice :)). It's not the simplest program in the world but it does work.

    I sure don't mean for you to upload to MediaFire IN ADDITION to what you're already doing, that would be crazy. I know how long it takes to upload this stuff, believe me. But if you were to use MF INSTEAD of Rapidshare that wouldn't bother me. I have met just a couple of people for whom RS works but not MF, but that's extremely rare. I think it's some overseas locations mainly. I've served terabytes of data from my two MF accounts over the last couple of years. That's a lot of downloads!

    I'm going to listen to Rising Force in the next day and I'm looking forward to it since I've had the CD for a long time.

    My favorite Yngwie record is Trilogy, I'd love to hear that on vinyl someday.

    Keep up the good work, it's really important, and appreciated!

  14. Oh look what my kind neighbor PBThal just posted! ;)

  15. Yeah, ask and ye shall receive. I'm pretty sure his posting of Trilogy was just a coincidence. lol

    I know this isn't a request thread, but Chicago 1 thru 10 (not including Carnegie Hall which is dreadful) are certainly worth looking at. Terry Kath forever! I have number one already, maybe someone could start at 10 and work backward.

  16. I think it wasn't but it's not a case of me disapproving if you'd thought about it that way. I mentioned somewhere that these first two albums were the only ones I was going to do. He picked up after it and it's brilliant. I listened to the third album just now and I instantly remembered why I sold that title. I can't get used to Mark Boals and the keyboards that are prominently in the mix. Not that it's a bad album, compostions are top-notch. It's just that I'm a Jeff Scott Soto guy. He is the one and only Rising Force front man. (that's my opinion)

    Can't help you with Chicago, that's more in PB's department. Had I had any Chicago, I would gladly rip 'em for ya! If I have most of the rips that are to be up here posted, I'll open a request spot. For now there's no reason why you couldn't ask for a presonal favorite in the comments. Though for esthetical purpose an email would be sufficient too! :)

  17. Thank you for your post of this album. I noticed that "Closer to the Heart" & "Beneath, Between & Behind" are ripped together and "Jacob's Ladder" is seperated.

  18. Yep, you're right. I noticed that too a few weeks back. I didn't notice before because I listen to albums like this in whole mostly. It's no big problem I guess, it's not like there's something wrong with the audio or that you're missing a single note. But good that you mentioned it!

  19. Getting this now.Gonna listen when i get back from work tomorrow.
    Just busting to hear this.

  20. Wow.Have been listening to this for the last fortnight.Ged's Rick is really blasting out there,"Xanadu" & "Bangkok" just have the meatiest-sounding bass pedals i've ever heard.
    Thanks a lot dude,this is really what this album should sound like.
    thanks again,John.