Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A new home for Eddy_litE and all other Vinylfetishists

Well, here we are. Ever since the Emonoid-portal closed I've been a wanderer and was looking for other ways to share my vinyltransfers for those of you who are interested in them. I have been considering The P-Bay and other portals but it was never going to be anything like the way it was at Emonoid. (You only know what you've got until it's gone, right?!)

Well, since someone whose work I admire a lot (PBThal, the Terminator Ripper) started with his own blog and it turned out to be very satisfactory for him (and for me as well as for hundreds of others, possibly even more...) I thought it was at least a good thing to try out. So, as of today I'm going to built this thing. If anyone has comments, ideas, tips or whatelse, feel free to contact me.

And before anyone is wondering or speculating I need to clarify something. I'm not a PBThal worshipper, wannabee or rip-off. I have been doing this transferring since 1999 and in analog form even long before that year. It's just that PBThal has a nasty tendency of busting my quality time after time. (:P) But seriously, he has been an inspiration ever since I first became aware of his activities. We do things both our own way but we've got one thing in common. The love for Music reproduced in the best faithful way possible. But to be honest he has learned me a few things too. The best example would be the way he dithers his high resolution recordings to standard red book format. I used the basic dithering in ProTools and later on Apogee's UV22 dithering algorithms. But he introduced me to the superior quality of RX's MBit dithering. (If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about but do care to know, google's you're guide...)

So, Sir PB, if you read this and didn't receive that message earlier, many thanks for all the input and all the lovely rips you've shared so generously!

Again, make no mistake about it, this in NOT intended as some sort of competition or battle. It's all about the love for music, the way it was supposed to sound. Well, in my perspective at least. Say NO to the Loudness Wars and support those who make the music by buying their music. It's not like I can force anyone to buy anything but think about it for a few seconds when you download something. If we all keep on downloading music for free and never buy anything of it retail, the artists will less and lesser be able to record anything in the future. I just wanted to say that.

To any rights representives that might have something against the point I'm trying to make here, (which is the only real reason because if the music I love was available in the quality of the old vinyls I wouldn't bother doing all this) just let me know and I'll see if something needs to be deleted. Thank you for reading and enjoy your stay here!

Yours truly,


  1. Got here by following your comments at PBTHAL's. Now that I see you were on D too and it's up again I might send you a PM there too. Cheers!

  2. Good luck on the new blog, Eddy! I look forward to seeing it grow!

    (That's what she said.)

  3. Hey there Eddy. Looking forward to your blog. Just recently [in the last 6 months] I've discovered many generous people and the great sounding vinyl rips that they are sharing. Better late than never. This should be fun and thanks in advance.


  4. Glad to see ya here Eddy! I am thoroughly looking forward to what you have to offer :)

  5. Hi peeps!
    Feels good, my own home! A feeling begins to grow I should've done this much earlier. Oh, well, better late than never, right!?
    Thanks for the warm and enthousiastic responses. The main reason for doing this is the love for the music as it should be available in the stores nowadays but we all know how it is and how it should be but probably never is going to be again. We are a minority and I can live with that. But it's also because of the interaction with likeminded individuals. It has been that part that I missed the most in the time we all were De-demonoidized.

    I've posted the first album, Ron Mozes had my promise I was posting it within the day over at D's but sadly that portal is history for me I suppose. Can get in there but not post anything. Time will tell if it ever is going to be solved.

    I am planning on posting on Avaxhome too. Just to let people know where I'm to be found these days. Also, I'm planning on expanding the download servers to Hotfile etc. Have yet to fix that. Let's first see how this is working and move on when this is all settled properly.

    Well, have a drink on me, drive and f**k safe, and see you all later!

    Your humble host

  6. Great blog. Thanks for doing this!

  7. Just discover your blog happy to see an other vinyls' s lover. long live and thanks for the joy that you an others vinyl'rippers brought to us.