Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Yes! This sounds like music!

"How sweet the Lily..."

Yes! This sounds like music!

Friend and mentor on all things audio Ian Shepherd [from
] just mentioned to me that Lilly Allen released a new single and that it does sound lovely to his sensitive ears. For him and me it's a second nature to listen to audio in a more scrutinizing way and sometimes that's keeping one from just feeling the joy of the sounds that reach your brain.

For many years I worked in the music industry and today I'm working for me and my ideals. I can luckily switch modes so it's not that I'm always listening with my brain but quite often just with my heart as well. I love music, to state the obvious. But, it couldn't be much of a surprise to anyone reading this, modern consumer directed music is suffering for years now by compression method antics that squashes music to one big pulp. In the last say 5 years music has become more and more annoying to the ears of many, simply because all of the different record labels and artists wanting to be heard (which is quite understandable) and for years the tactics of sounding louder as your neighbor worked.

Not anymore, I for one don't even buy certain albums any more just because they sound like a complete disaster. It's been so far pushed to the limits, sound wise in loudness levels, that it becomes almost unbearable to listen to. For years I protested this method and shared my thoughts and examples of how it all could've sounded. []
It's great to hear some artists and labels and/or management executives that want to go back. Take it all a notch down and let the listener, the buying audience, decide just how LOUD they want their music to sound.

See, once the engineers that create your music decide that it should go as loud as it possibly can, you can't turn it around anymore. You could listen on a lower volume level but it would only sound flat and lifeless. Oddly enough, just exactly the opposite of what the engineers had in mind. When engineers create your music with dynamics (in short, not that LOUD but with jumps and wells where it is in fact a bit more quiet) you can play it just as loud as you want. In that scenario, it sounds lovely when you use it as a musical background but you can also crank up that dial and it still sounds lovely...

Thanks to Lily and Company for taking this first baby step, yes, it can still get better than this, and along with her a few other artists that surprised me at least with albums that don't push the limits of loudness but simply let it all breath a little...

And ofcourse, as always, a big thank you to Ian Shepherd. Go say hi to him if you love music and agree here.

P.S. "Go, Lily, Go Lily..."

(this is a repost from facebook earlier today.)
Read what Ian Shepherd from says about this great day for music...

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