Friday, 15 November 2013

Private Life...

"Private Life, but irresistible to not share..."

What a great day this has been. Yep, this has been one of my better days and it was the weather, it was the events and it was the love I humbly received from quite some people.

Something that has been quite remarkable for me personally and which I am so happy to share with all my music loving friends is the event in which I found an old love back.

You can picture this quite figuratively since I have never ever met Kelly Breznik in real life. Nevertheless my love for Kelly was quite real. Not in the way you love your mother or schoolgirl sweetheart but Kelly spoke to me in a way no-one ever did. She really thoughed me with her voice and that love only grew. Kelly was a stunning singer in the Van Halen team of producers shaped set of albums under the name Private Life. Talking 1988 and 1990 here, Bon Jovi and all the other 'poodle rockers' were the rave and I happened to be in the perfect age and situation in my life to fall for many of the albums that came out in those days.

Out of all the albums that I bought in those years only a few survived the test of time. In the sense that some I do have a giggle on when I accidentally play them, for good old times reviving with friends for instance, but only a handful still have that same effect on me as they did back in the day when I bought them and played the grooves out of them.

Yep, those Private Life albums are among those albums. And in particular because of the chills I got and still get when I hear Kelly sing. Those albums are quite hard to find these days so I even shared them on my website some years ago. Making them sound a little more like the albums that come out these days but not overdoing it.

I have always been wondering what ever happened to the sweet Kelly (nowadays going by the name Kelly Macleod) that was comforting me with her angel-like voice and helping making my worries go away whenever I played those lovely, intense and yet gorgeous catchy albums. I never could track Kelly back, until today. By chance or perhaps not, I came across an outfit called The Sweet Potatoes and there she was, the Kelly I have always loved for her sweet, sweet voice that is like no other.

Kelly grew older of course through the years and her hard rocking vocal duties from the Private Life years made way for passionate Country Americana Gospel music that is again making me feel special. Special in the way that I can enjoy the beauty of music this way. Music from the heart, music for the heart. Have a listen and see if you get it what I'm saying here...

Here's to Kelly and The Sweet Potatoes, come join in and be amazed of just how personal and up close music can be.

to Kelly, love to the spirit that gave me a piece of Kelly back. The part of her that sings like an angel. That gave chills back in the late eighties and now all over again.

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