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Published on Nov 12, 2013
01 - Walker [00:00]
02 - Mosh is Back [02:16]
03 - Reprobate [06:33]
04 - Praise of Pain [10:13]

Running time: 13"34' (approx)

WALKER was a Dutch, Tilburg based outfit that was actually in fact Crustacean ( with two members switching instruments. Just for fun, and I would be amazed if more than 100 people heard this excellent demotape back in the day. (sadly I must add, it's awesome in my book.)

Walker consisted of brutal Brabant Metal Heads Joris on drums, Tom on Bass, Mikk on Guitars and Norbert handling the verbal humiliation. (Y)

Recorded at the infamous but oh, so, excellent Double Noise Studio in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Chris de Cock engineered his ass off and Hans 'Buddha Building' Timmermans produced this massive glorious turd like no one ever could match.
(Personal addition, I think this sounds better than any of the last 3 ~ 3 and a half Holy Moses albums and I am a big fan of Sabina Classen and her Posse!)

References you ask?
How about #Holy Moses (DE), #Warpath (DE) and #Slayer (DUH!) yo?
#Carnivore? Hell yeahs!
Sound? Excellent!

This is taken from a pristine copy of the demotape. No dolby NR was used in production which is a pity but then again, lots of things can go wrong with that system too. Not a bad copy at all.

Transfer and Mastering was done by Eddy Lite @ hoerejong MultiMedia Design for Hipper than Hell Records on Movember 12th 2013.

HELL JAWEL! Now, blast that plaster off the ceiling dudes! (and dudettes!)


Eddy Lite
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    If any of the members and / or Double Noise family want this removed or altered, shoot me an e-mail... #respect

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